Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Two leukus for sale ( Sold! )

Just got these leukus finished, and now they're up for sale. Blades 80CrV2 carbon steel, scandi grind with small convex secondary.

These knives are sold!

Blade 196 x 34 x 4,9mm. Handle 124mm. Curly birch with brass bolster plates, thin reindeer hide spacers. Dark brown leather sheath with a wooden liner inside for the blade.

 Blade 187 x 33,5 x 4,8mm. Handle 122mm. Moose antler, birch bark, brass bolster plate, thin reindeer hide spacers. Dark brown leather sheath with a wooden insert inside for the blade.


  1. The second leuku is stunning! If I hadn't just purchase a Gränsfors a couple days ago, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Wonderful work as always Pasi!

  2. Thanks Reno. I can't really say pity you just made that purchase, as good axe is a good buy!

  3. Great work, Pasi. Beautiful knife.
    I'm still stalking your blog for hopes of a puukko for sale in the future!

    1. Thanks. And what kind of puukko it is you would be interested in, if I may ask? ;-)

  4. That birch bark handled leuku is very nice.... and very tempting.

  5. Dear Pasi, I love the birch leuku, do you also ship to the USA?

    Thanks, Jan

  6. Hello Jan. Yes, I ship to USA too.

    Birch/brass leuku is sold. Birch bark + moose antler handled is for sale still, if you are interested in that one please mail me at for further info on shipping etc.


  7. I should have checked your blog more often. :(

    Love both of those knives!

  8. I of course recommend to visit here more often, altough I'm quite lazy in posting here.... ;-)