Saturday, May 28, 2016

Birch bark puukko sale. ( SOLD! )

If you've been following my blog, you already saw this coming.... 5 traditional style Finnish knives for sale. 80CrV2 carbon tool steel blades, rhombic cross section, scandi grind with tiny secondary. Stacked birch bark handle with brass bolster plates. My regular leather sheath included, will be made after the new owner has decided on the colour. Options are black, dark brown, red-brown.

All 5 gone, thanks for the quick sales!

No1     95 x 21,8 x 4,8mm blade. 106mm long handle, 22,5mm thick and 30mm wide at max.


NO2    95 x 21 x 4,8mm blade. 109mm long handle, 22,5mm thick and 30,5mm wide at max.


No3     96 x 21,5 x 4,8mm blade. 110mm long handle, 22,5mm thick and 30,5mm wide at max.


No4     99 x 21,5 x 4,8mm blade. 109mm long handle, 22,5mm thick and 30,5mm wide at max.


No5     93 x 22,5 x 4,8mm blade. 110mm long handle, 22,5mm thick and 30mm wide at max.

Puukko work continues.

Lately been working on the blades you saw being forged in the last post. These will be with traditional barrel shaped handles, materials being brass and birch bark.

After the blades are heat treated and ground, it's time to fit the front bolster plates. Work is done with a drill and needle rasps.

Butt plate is fitted so tight, that you have to hammer it down the tang. This way it should stay on when compressing the piled bich bark.
Birch bark is cut in flaps, cleaned, and holes are cut. Few flaps are placed on the tang altering 90 degrees, sideways, upright, sideways, upright, and so on. Then tightened with a wooden block and hammer, and the same is repeated until you have about 1,5-2 cm taller pile than the handle length should be.

Butt plate is placed, and tang is slightly peened. Handle is roughly shaped, put in the kitchen oven for about 45min in 75-100 celcius. This will make the bark softer, and the handle can be tightened by fixing the blade on a vice and hammering the butt plate down the tang. The one in the middle is about to go to the oven, two bottom ones are ready roughly shaped handles.

All 5 shaped on a belt sander, now moving to hand sanding.

These knives will be for sale later on today. So if you're interested, please stop by again late Saturday evening Finnish time!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring turning in to a summer.

Snow has melted, so rivers and creeks have plenty of water. Weather changes from warm summer-like days to chilly and rainy. You can see small leaves on the birched and willows. Birds singing summer tunes.

At this time of the year I like to hike on trails. Can't let the dogs running free, as they could do damage for nesting birds. Ducks, capercaillies, and grouses have their nests on the ground, just to name few.

Good season for hiking, forests are not that wet anymore and mosquitoes haven't arrived yet.

At this height we have plenty of tall forest like this, easy to walk, trail or not.

Forests have been without snow for a while now, but lakes and ponds have some ice left still. By the end of the winter it was 80-90cm thick, so takes time to melt.

North sides of the fells have some snow left. In the creeks away from the sun you can find snow still in June, sometimes even in July.

Nice view from the top of Otsamo fell near Inari. There's an open day hut as well.

Kumu and Pyry enjoying the view too. Well... I think they're just waiting to get going again.

Forest and forest as far as you can see. Not the biggest wilderness areas in the world, but you won't run out of hiking grounds easily here.

Interesting spot for a pine to grow. One would imagine a strong wind had taken it down already.

Just a while ago I was forging some puukko blades. Charcoal forge does the heating.

Blade making starts from forging a stick tang.

Then the bar is cut and blade shape is forged.

Bevels forged. Spine is left curved, as forging the sides to rhombic cross section will straighten it.

Sides forged, maker's mark stamped.

Bevel forging is finished, tang straightened, and the blade is normalized.

Forging finished.

Blades ground for heat treatment.

This set of blades will be made in to puukkos, and they should be for sale later this week. 
So stay tuned!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

5 leukus for sale. ( SOLD! )

So here we go, these 5 large leukus, large Lappish style knives, are for sale. 80CrV2 carbon steel blades, scandi grind with small secondary. Handles in curly birch with brass bolster plates. Leather sheath with a full wooden liner for the blade.

If you're interested in one, write me at

 No 1     SOLD!

Blade 219 x 37 x4,8mm. Handle 124mm long, center 40 x 24mm, pommel 50 x 29mm.

No 2     SOLD!

 Blade 222 x 36,5 x4,8mm. Handle 125mm long, center 40 x 24mm, pommel 50 x 29mm.

No 3     SOLD!

 Blade 223 x 37 x5mm. Handle 124mm long, center 40,5 x 24mm, pommel 50 x 29mm.

No 4     SOLD!

 Blade 216 x 37 x 5mm. Handle 125,5mm long, center 40,5 x 24,5mm, pommel 51 x 30mm.

 No 5     SOLD!

 Blade 226 x 36 x 5mm. Handle 124,5mm long, center 40 x 24mm, pommel 50 x 29mm.