Sunday, December 4, 2016

Seasons come and go.

Since the previous post autumn has changed to winter. In October I was busy with capercaillie hunting. In November it changes to hunting willow grouse and pine marten. Daylight time gets shorter and shorter. At the moment polar night has started here, meaning we won't see the sun rising above the horizon for a month. We've got a bit over 4 hours so called dayligh, on a cloudy day less, a bit more when the sky is Clear.

Below are some pics from various trips since the previous post. No titles, just appr. in order by date. From early October to the blue light in the beginning of December.

Timeless Finnish puukko design doesn't change much. A barrel handle in birch bark and brass. Upper is one of the recently made puukkos, lower is my user. Birch bark doesn't necessarily need any treatment, it gets a life-breathing patina in use.

Seasons change, in nature and in life. I've dropped knife making as work, so from now on won't post knives for sale as before. Maybe one or two sometimes, who knows.

With outdoor posts I would only be repeating myself, so that's it for now. Thanks for all the readers!