Tuesday, October 17, 2017


It's here again, the autumn. Season of falling leaves, migrating birds, mosquitoes disappearing, the nature is getting ready to survive through another arctic winter. For me it's the same story as at the end of last year, no more knife making for now. Autumn is time for hunting, and the winter goes in another job. Below is a set of random pics from my random trips from August to October.  Thanks for reading, see you here maybe one day again!

Open fell view towards Hammastunturi.

An old reindeer herders' hut in Hammastunturi wilderness area. Nowadays serves as an open hut for hikers.

Pyry showing no interest to continue at the moment, as outside there's an army of mosquitoes waiting. Much more cosy to rest under the mossy net.

Bunch of reindeers enjoying a sunny day

"You just did it, so it must be a convenient way to cross the stream"

A moose almost ran over me. It passed just few meters away, but I wasn't quick enough to get my camera from the pocket.

Pyry having a sun bath.
Camping by a small river in Lemmenjoki national park.

A female capercaillie hiding in a pine.

Crossing a shallow river, Lemmenjoki national park.

"You taking the tipi down, why already now?"

Ivalojoki, river Ivalo. Hammastunturi wilderness area.

Kumu was barkin at a moose. I sneaked closer, and called him away, as I have no interest to teach him to be a moose hunting dog. You can see the the moose standing up the hill, behind Kumu...

... it stayed still for few minutes, just wandering what's happening there.
Fresh colours of the late summer birch forest.

Pyry enjoying the lake scenery. Dogs do enjoy a nice scenery you know....

Fat wood campfire soothing my tea pot.

Young male capercaillie hiding behind the branches....

...And Kumu barking at it vigorously.

Changing into autumn colours.

Leaves falling.

First capercaillie of the season.

Gloving stove in the tipi giving warmth.

Autumn colours around Vaskisjoki in the boreal forest of Hammastunturi wilderness area.

A penny for your thoughts, dog!

Leaves have fallen...

... and birches look like ghosts sensing the winter coming.

Satisfied dog after a good work on a capercaillie.

Ground colours are nice for quite a while after the leaves have fallen. Lemmenjoki national park.

" Yeah, I know that I know how to do this..."

"And yeah, you don't have to say anything... I know I'm not allowed to chase the reindeer, so I'm just wathching them passing our camp"

A simple sauna by the Ivalo river in Hammastunturi wilderness area. Heat the pile of stones, let the fire go down, pull on the cover. Sit on the bench, throw some water on the hot stones, and enjoy!

More sceneries of Ivalojoki area.

A historical gold digging site of Ritakoski by the river Ivalo in Hammastunturi wilderness area. Serves as an open hut too.

 A misty shot taken right after the rain has ended in Hammastunturi wilderness area ends this very random and no-real-meaning set of pictures. Again, thanks for reading, take care!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Knives for sale. ( SOLD )

Autumn is here. We've still had decently warm, almost summerlike days. But the nights are dark and cold, leaves turning yellow and orange, you can feel the autumn breeze in the wind. Not only the beautiful colours, but autumn also means that the hunting season is here. These two knives might very well be the last ones I'll post for sale this year.

These two Lappish style knives have 80CrV2 carbon steel blades. Handles are made of brass, curly birch, moose antler, and birch bark. Dark brown leather sheaths, with a wooden liner to protect the blade and the owner.

Both sold, thanks!

Interested? Email me at pasihurttila@gmail.com!

Sold! Number 1: Blade 118 x 25,5 x 4,7mm, getting slightly thinner towards the tip. Handle 118mm long, 32,5 x 23,5mm in the center.


Sold! Number 2: Blade 121 x 24,5 x 4,3mm, getting slightly thinner towards the tip. Handle 118,5mm long, 32 x 23mm in the center. 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

A puukko for sale. ( SOLD )

A birch bark handle knife for sale. K510 carbon steel blade, brass bolsters. Dark brown leather sheath. Blade 110 x 21,5 x 4,8mm. Handle 111 x 31 x 22.5mm.

Sold, thanks!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Two puukkos for sale. ( SOLD )

Two birch bark handle knives up for sale. K510 carbon steel blades, brass bolsters. Dark brown leather sheaths.

Price 250€ each + shipping. ( Trackable shipping in Finland 5€, Europe 18€, others 30€ )

SOLD! Number 1.    Blade 102 x 21 x 4,8mm. Handle 109 x 30 x 22,5mm. SOLD!


SOLD! Number 2.    Blade 120 x 21 x 4,8mm. Handle 114 x 31 x 23mm. SOLD!