Friday, September 8, 2017

Knives for sale. ( SOLD )

Autumn is here. We've still had decently warm, almost summerlike days. But the nights are dark and cold, leaves turning yellow and orange, you can feel the autumn breeze in the wind. Not only the beautiful colours, but autumn also means that the hunting season is here. These two knives might very well be the last ones I'll post for sale this year.

These two Lappish style knives have 80CrV2 carbon steel blades. Handles are made of brass, curly birch, moose antler, and birch bark. Dark brown leather sheaths, with a wooden liner to protect the blade and the owner.

Both sold, thanks!

Interested? Email me at!

Sold! Number 1: Blade 118 x 25,5 x 4,7mm, getting slightly thinner towards the tip. Handle 118mm long, 32,5 x 23,5mm in the center.


Sold! Number 2: Blade 121 x 24,5 x 4,3mm, getting slightly thinner towards the tip. Handle 118,5mm long, 32 x 23mm in the center. 

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  1. after close call of hurricane Irma sucking down cooler air from the north, we had a nice day or two of Nov Fall weather here, with highs of 23°C, but now back to normal Sept highs of 32.2°C....
    Kirk adores his knife and he says it is THE one this fall for deer hunting.