Sunday, July 5, 2015

Some recent leuku work.

I noticed that almost all of my knife work in early summer were leukus. Here's some of them pictured. As usually, typical materials for me; carbon steel, curly birch, brass, moose antler.

This young fellow was curious to see what that guy is doing with his camera and knives. Quite careless, not as cautious at all as his grown up friends nearby.


  1. Impressive. Do you have a long waiting list? And are the prices astronomical?
    Curious Sparrow From south.

  2. Thank you. At the moment I'm not taking new orders. In future when I get my order list short enough I will put new knives more frequently for sale.

    I wouldn't call my prices astronomical, current price for a leuku with curly birch/brass handle is 250€. With antler and curly birch 300-350€.

    Greetings, Raven from north.

  3. I would agree, having recently purchased one of your lueku's, which if I'm not mistaken, I recognize in the pictures above.
    I find your prices to be in line with other sought after custom knife makers.
    In fact, I'll be watching your blog for any puukko's that come up for sale, and if my timing isn't good enough, will wait for your order list to open back up again.
    Thanks Pasi, for the fantastic knife. It's so unlike anything else I own. I will treasure it.

  4. Thanks for your kind words BC! Yes, yours is among these leukus.

  5. Hello, Pasi,
    Are any of the above Leukus still up for sale?
    Or will there be something coming up in the nearer future?
    I would be interested in a Leuku and maybe a matching Puukko to go with it.

  6. These are all sold. Next ones will come for sale probably in late August or September.

  7. Once again, beautiful work!