Thursday, June 25, 2015

Midnight sun paddling.

Last weekend was time for summer solstice. So daylight time is getting shorter again. Won't have dark nights for a while still, as we live 300km inside of arctic circle. Here's few pics from a canoe trip I did with a friend and my dogs.

Kumu has been in canoe only few times so far. Doesn't look like he's had bad expriences, as he was sitting there already before we even loaded it on the car.

Kumu wanted to sit on center yoke, doesn't look really comfortable. But what do I know, must be much better view from there. Pyry is experienced traveller on board, hopefully giving good example by his calm behaviour.

Lake Inari is 3rd biggest lake in Finland. Many and many islands, but not that many cottages at all, a real wilderness lake. Hopefully stays like this, as if more building would be allowed you'll never get it back.

 Dogs enjoying a short break during the trip.

 Beautiful calm weather. Rivers with rapids are more interesting to paddle, but on a beatiful day like this a silent lake is really enjoyable too.

Inside just few hours colours changed between deep blue and bright sunshine few times. Can't really complain about the scenery here.

We came back around 2am in bright sunshine. Some paddling, fishing, and open fire meal behind. Nice trip indeed.


  1. Beautiful scenery. 2 AM in bright sunshine? Wow!
    Looks like it was a lovely trip. Thanks for sharing.

  2. All that full day round sunshine will be taken back in December then, when there's no sunshine at all ;-)

  3. I could cry just looking at this....

  4. I sometimes almost feel like crying, as time seems to go so fast, and end up not spending enough time in the woods...

  5. Just beautiful. :) Thank you for sharing, Pasi!

    1. Thanks! This reminded me that maybe there's still time to make a canoe trip before winter :-)