Monday, June 1, 2015

Late spring hike

On the last week of May we went for a hike in Hammastunturi wilderness area. In southern Finland it can be already summer temps, but up here it's usually time for spring floods and last spots of snow melting away. Not really leaf buds yet, but night temperatures have been above zero for a while now. Nice time for hiking, as there's no mosquitoes yet.

This time of the year dogs have to be leashed in the woods. Nesting time for birds and other animals is about to start.

Just after 1 km on marked trail there's several old buildings from a gold digging era at the area. Part of the cabin serves as an open wilderness hut. These surroundings are still quite active in gold panning. Mostly as a hobby, but there are several people who even get a living out of it.

Suspension bridge over river Sotajoki.

Last winter's snow load has been too much for many young trees. Plenty of them around this area.

 Still some snow left, especially on north side of the hills and fells.

You can see the age difference when having a break. Teenager is constantly sniffing around, but a 10-year old rather enjoys the view.

 Reaching the Ivalojoki valley.

Suspension bridge over Ivalojoki. Main buildings of the golden history of the river are on the other side.

Looks like the dogs are watching if my girlfriend will also make it to the other side by that annoying wobbly bridge.

Main building of Kultala, "the golden place". It served as a Crown Station, house for state officers etc. Built in 1870. It's open for public. On the left is a bakery.

                                                 Some interior pics of the main building.

Front side of the bakery. This is rebuilt after the pictures of the original one.

 Inside of the bakery.

 Where there's a log wall, there's a need to carve your name on it..... I didn't.

 Open wilderness hut near the main building.

 Dogs are enjoying something that doesn't happen at home... Sitting on the bench during the breakfast.

 Nice weather to spend morning by walking around the riversides.

Some fishing too.

Creations of the ice age. Hiidenkirnu in Finnish.

Taking a look back to Ivalojoki, when walking back towards the starting point.
For first kilometers on the way back Pyry was hesitating to continue. Just slowing down turning back, and showing that he would like to continue the other way, not back to the car. Obviously too short trip.

                   But after a while he was his old self. Rolling in the snow to cool down, disappointment  
                   was obviously left behind.


  1. Oww... memo to me; visit to that area some time.
    Looks good!

  2. I like the place. Pretty easy 12km trail there, nice wilderness, and interesting history. It's not difficult to fall in your own thoughts, and think what those walls and surroundings have seen during the gold rush over hundred years ago. Definitely worth visiting if you're around the area.

  3. Nice trip! Cool buildings and beautiful scenery. :)

  4. One more place for you to visit WW ;-)