Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kuksa for sale

I made this kuksa a while ago, and thought to put it up for sale. Made of arctic birch burl with hand tools only; hand saw, spoon knife, puukko, files and rasps, and a bunch of sand paper. Perfectly imperfect northern star on the handle carved with the tip of knife. Paraffin oil + chaga powder mixture finish. Medium size, holds appr. 1,6 deciliters.

Update September 13. !  Bidding ends on Tuesday Sept. 15. at 18.00 Finnish time. If there will be bids coming at that time, then there's always 10 minutes to place a new one after the current winning bid. No anonymous bids, if you don't want your name public, send an email at From now on minimum raise is 2€. Thanks!

There's no price set for this kuksa. It will be for sale for two weeks from posting this, highest bidder will get it. There's either no base price, any offer is good enough, starting from 1€. Shipping on buyer, Finland 7,90€, Europe 12€, rest of the world 15€.

You can place your offer by commenting on this post. Or if you don't want your name public, email me at I'll update possible email bids here.

So if you're interested in this kuksa, don't hesitate to place your bid. For me any price is good, life shouldn't always be that serious.... ;-)

This has completely nothing to do with the kuksa. Just a suspicious hawk owl, who was following me and my dog for a while today in the forest.


  1. Replies
    1. Please send me an email with your name at to confirm your bid. Thanks

    2. This is valid, so current winning bid is 44,50€. From now on minimum raise is 2€.

  2. Just as a reminder, and to avoid misunderstandings with the time zones; This auction ends in 24 hours from this message!

  3. And this goes for Federico Buldrini, thank you!