Sunday, February 4, 2018

Some update....

This picture was taken in January, when we were still in the blue light of polar night. At the moment that time of the year is behind, it's still cold of course, but we've had many beautiful and sunny days. Nice to ski on untouched snow in the woods.

Every now and then I get inquiries about possible upcoming knives for sale, so I thought to give a bit of update on that. This year I'm not going to make and post knives for sale. Thank you all for your interest in my work and posts here!


  1. That looks just beautiful, Pasi. Glad to see you post again, even if briefly. Was just now discussing via email with friend Kirk how my leuku is probably my most trustworthy large knife of several made by legends. Your knife is made to hold up in the middle of nowhere. Theirs have top notch blades, but handle integrity often compromised by tradition and/or looks...
    Glad to see you are seemingly ok, was starting to wonder if you had moved to the sunny Med.

    1. oh, and to keep you from feeling all superior and everything, two weeks ago or so, we had a solid week of it being colder here than it was there for was colder in much of the lower 48 states than it was in Alaska, as folk all must have had a brief summer front blow thru, and pushed your winter to us.

    2. Glad to hear you're happy with my blade, Bob. Yeah, tradition is tradition. As well as it's with traditional/natural handle materials. So far I've decided to stick with them, though modern materials and designs outperform them in many tasks. But not all of course.

      We haven't even reached -40 celcius this winter here. Coldest has been around -38. But it's been better than few previous winters, not much above zero temps, which is good. I like it the best between -10 and -20 celcius.

    3. Amazing to me is how much warmer the colder weather can be. Get away from tropical type humidity mixed with cold, and go to much colder but lower humidity, and it feels warmer. Have been far inland, more further north, and much colder the last few months, and it feels quite pleasant. I know a man from northern Idaho high elevations where weather often matches yours, who says the coldest he has ever been was in Mississippi in March on a deer hunt and almost suffered hypothermia in the wet cold air.

      As for traditonal, the thing is, your traditional materials and style/shape are made to hold up to use, and even hard use on the larger knives, where with much of my fancy handmade domestic stuff using wood/stag, I would be afraid of cracking or splitting with any use at all, and would seriously NEED modern materials for hard use.

      That is what was meant by trusting your leuku, as not especially worried that the wood in front will split the very first time it was used for serious chopping, while an American bowie with narrow front coffin-shaped handle of fancy wood a guaranteed crack with serious chopping.