Thursday, March 12, 2015


Even most of my working time goes on sled dog trips at this time of the year, there's a knife or two coming out of the workshop every now and then.

Here's a leuku with 16cm blade. Handle in typical Lappish materials; reindeer antler, curly birch, and reindeer hide.


  1. Moi! Just found your blog. Looks great! Is this knife still available? :)

  2. Are Lueku knives still being produced? When I Google the brand there is no home site that explains who makes them or made them nor any history of them at all. Other than when I Google Lueku it comes up with Kellam/Puukko knives? Did they buy out Lueku or something? I just bought
    Kellam Knives KPR4 Carbon Steel Puukko Fixed Blade Knife with Birch Handle. But still no history like the French made Opinel or like Helle knives made in Norway? Thanks for any info you can enlighten me with. Christine

  3. Leuku is a type of Saami / Lappish knife, not a brand. Many knife makers make them, and so do some factories. Here you can find some info about leukus generally: