Tuesday, March 10, 2015


During February and March I'm usually busy with guiding on sled dog trips. I'm working for a farm here in Ivalo, Guesthouse Husky. They have about 150 alaskan huskies, and 6 room guesthouse for tourist accommodation. 

These pics were taken on a 3 day safari, 9 customers and 2 guides. First day we travel 53km, second 35km, and on third same 53 back to the farm.
Everyone has an own team. 4-6 dogs, depending on the weather conditions and the load to be pulled.

First team has usually more dogs, 7-10. It's always easier for next teams, as they have someone to follow. Especially if there's fresh snow, so lead team will open the way.

Both nights are spent in a log cabin on an island on lake Inari. Good place to spot northern lights too if sky is clear, as it's far away from any town lights.

Dogs waiting for some water in the morning of 2nd day. First day was very warm, so sledges got some wet snow on the runners, and after a night below zero it got frozen and needed some cleaning.
Dogs stay in chains over night, everyone has an own kennel. During the night they're pretty quiet, if nothing happens around.

Time to harness your team. Leaders are the first ones in, as they should keep the line stretched, to avoid messing up and anyone getting tangled.

 Leaders of the first team, Manu and Walter, doing good job. Staying calm in front while rest of the team is being harnessed.

And out we go again. Light snow covers the trail, soft for the paws.

Taking a look back to make sure all teams get going.

Track runs on lakes, marsh areas, and forests.

During our lunch break dogs get a chunk of fat/meat mix. Everyone is eager to get his share!

We have been using the same track since December, so it's quite well packed. Take a step off the trail, and you're above the knee level in soft snow.

 Few kilometers before getting back to the cabin The sun is starting to set. With a bit of mist it makes a nice scenery.

After unharnessing the dogs it's time to start preparing their meal. Meat is melted in hot water, and then given mixed with dry food. After they've eaten dogs always start a howling concert.

 Teams have just started from the lunch place of 3rd day. Just 1,5 hours to go, and we're back at the farm.

After very windy morning the last day turned into a nice weather too!