Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer is here.

Summer came in full force right away in May. Even this north temperature went all the way to +26 celcius. Snow melted quickly, and with very little of rain forests and fells were pretty dry already in mid May. That means good conditions for hiking. Below are some pictures from my recent hiking trips. Like always this time of the year dogs need to be leashed, as it's breeding season for birds, and reindeer and moose calves are really tiny.

First I headed to Tsarmitunturi wilderness area. It's relatively small for a wilderness area, only 150 km². located next to russian border, in South-East of Inari.

In Inari municipality spruce is at it's northernmost range.

Some open areas as well. This is taken next to Russian border zone, towards west.

In autumn I never carry a gas stove, but at summer there's usually no need to make fire, so a cooker is more convenient.

Visiting some open huts of the area. Late May is really off season still, so not much people hiking around. Nice time to stay overnight in some hut too. This is Ahvenlampi open wilderness hut, right next to the border zone.

In may there's already plenty of daylight, almost all day round. With warm weather it made leaves open much earlier than usual.

A pine marten's hide. This trunk was hollow for maybe 3 meters. From Kumus behaviour I would say there was one hiding, or at least had been just recently.
A curious reindeer couldn't make up it's mind if we should be avoided, or my lunch is too tempting....

In the central area of Tsarmitunturi wilderness around mid May. Last year lakes looked like this in mid June.

Only the northern sides of fells and hills had some snow left.

Another open hut of Tsarmitunturi, Artan Kämppä. A very nice hut, built in 2013 by voluntary builders. Previous hut burned down in early 2000's.

For the next hiking trip I headed to Vätsäri wilderness area. A large, quite remote area next to Russian and Norwegian borders in eastern part of Inari.

Visited an open hut there too, named Piilola.

Someone had left a blanket there. In 10 seconds Kumu took it as his mattress. In a plastic bag hanging on the wall there was about 5kg of mashed potato powder. Some skiers had overestimated their food consumption, and left it there with a paper saying it's free to use.

This willow grouse was thinking hard if we had spotted it or not. Finally made the decision to fly away.

In first days of June I made a trip to Muotkatunturi wilderness area. Located in North West of Inari, and South West of Utsjoki municipalities. Has some tall forest too, but is mostly known for it's large open fell areas. Here you won't find any spruce, only birch, pine, and juniper bushes.

For a hiker open fell areas are nice to walk. And you can enjoy the view while walking, instead of constantly telling your dog which side of a tree to take.

Lunch break in sunny weather.

Kurtojoki open wilderness hut. No traffic, previous visitor had written in the questbook over a month ago.

Landscapes of the fell area in Muotkatunturi.

An eagle came to see if there's something to eat. Kumu would have probably been good size, but I was way too large, I suppose.

I was surprised to find this much snow still, as the surroundings were pretty much without any. There might be still some left in July here.

A long-tailed jaeger was watching us carefully as we walked by.

Excellent spot for camping. Flat ground, and running water just 15 meters away.

This rough-legged buzzard was following us along a pass. Continuosly saying something only a bird whisperer would undestand. I did not.

For the last day of my Muotkatunturi trip the clouds were gathering and it was raining the whole day, with a chilly temperature of +4 celcius.

Then back to work, which means making some blades. These will be made in to knives, slowly....

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