Saturday, April 9, 2016

One more winter coming to an end soon.

As we're already over a week in April, the winter has really turned into spring. Meaning warm days, actually really warm at the moment. But it should still get colder, so looks promising for the last skiing trips of the season. Warm wet days mean a hard as steel snow when temperatures drop below zero again.

This pic was taken during the late March. Crispy snow, sunshine, and fresh wind. A perfect day to do something else than staying inside!

In northern Lapland willow grouse hunting is on to the end of March. A spitz type dog like Kumu is better to be leashed if you don't want him to chase the birds away. If you want a dog for willow grouse hunting, then a setter or pointer is your choice. Anyway having any dog with hunting instincts with you can help, if you keep it leashed. That way it can lead you to the birds you might otherwise have passed just 50 meters away...

Spring is nice time for the dogs too, as they can walk around pretty easily. Having over 80cm of snow here, and Kumu goes only through the fresh snow that had fallen recently.

Lakes are pretty much the opposite of the forests. Not much snow on the ice at all, and it's rock hard.

End of the dog sledding season means continuing the knife work as well. I've been working on some basic puukkos as well as with this leuku that was finished just yesterday. Later this month there will be some maasepänpuukkos for sale too!


  1. That leuku looks brilliant! What are the specs? Is it for sale? I am interested if it is!

  2. Thanks! This leuku is sold. Size is around my regular large leukus, 22cm blade.

  3. Ha! I'm not surprised that it is sold! It's beautiful. I will just have to watch here like a hawk! I would love to have one of them and one of your pukkos as well!