Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Knife for sale. ( SOLD! )

This time it's a Lappish influenced knife for sale, a small leuku you could say. A full flared pommel is a common feature in arctic knives, as it makes it much easier to pull the knife out of the sheath also with thick gloves on. Unsheathing with one hand come easier too, as you can get a good grip of the pommel, and pull the knife out with the help of your index finger pushing on the mouth of sheath.

This is not a petite knife. 80CrV2 carbon steel blade measures 121x26,5mm, with thickness being 4,9mm on the bolster, tapering close to 4mm near the tip.

Handle in curly birch and brass is 120mm long. 33,5mm wide and 24mm thick at max. Pommel 39x26mm.

Blade sides are fully sanded before the hardening, but after heat treatments only very lightly sanded and polished. This leaves somewhat lively surface, that can be best seen in the last picture.

This knife is sold, thanks!


  1. Very Nice. Really like this style of handle on the knife.

  2. It is not a petite knife indeed. It features the kind of blade I am used to, for most of my outdoor use. And the sheath is amazing. What is the name of this knife? Can I find it on Amazon? Guys, see more remarkable knives here: http://hikingmastery.com/top-pick/best-survival-knife.html