Saturday, May 2, 2015

Winter came back...

...and turned to thaw again. Like always in late April and early May here in north Lapland, snow is melting, occassionally raining, sometimes snowing. Just 4 days ago it turned back to the weather of early March or so; warm sunny days, but night temperatures dropped even down to -15 celcius. Bit of fresh snow, and the skiing conditions can't get better.

Yesterday it turned back to normal late spring, raining and warm breeze in the air. South facing hill sides are without snow, but lakes well frozen still.

Dogs were bored when having a break during a day trip. They were checking the surroundings, going slowly further away....
When I told them to stay closer, they started playing. Obviously not enough exercise yet.
Sometimes even a 10 year old is ready for a play.
Right place for the skis?
Even with large areas of the ground exposed here and there, skiing is the best way to move around still.

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