Friday, April 3, 2015

For sale. ( SOLD! )

        Just got this Lappish / Saami style knife ready today. Hand made all the way, like all my knives.

                             - 115 x 24,5 x 4 mm 80CrV2 fully sanded carbon steel blade. Scandi grind with 
                                a small secondary
                             - Handle in brass, curly birch, reindeer antler, birch bark spacers. Treated with tar/
                                boiled linseed oilmix + gun stock finish.
                             - Handle length 118mm. Width x thickness front 27,5x18,5mm, center 33x22,5mm,
                                pommel 39,5x26,5mm.
                             - Weight knife only 180 grams
                             - Leather sheath with a wooden liner inside for the blade

                                                                            This knife is sold!


  1. That went quick!
    And with good reason....

    1. It went pretty quick indeed. Of course good for a craftsman who gets his living out of this!

  2. A late comment, but that is absolutely gorgeous. Really catches the eye.