Sunday, February 8, 2015

So white is the snow

It's about mid winter. What else would a woodsman do in Lapland but ski in the forests and fells!

The polar night here lasts for one month, from early December to early January. So it's been possible to see the sun for some weeks again. Dogs are wondering is this a nuclear test detonation on the other side of the border or what? 

Winter taking it's toll on the firewood stash.

My canoe in cold storage, waiting for the summer. 

A mink has been on the look for something to eat. A common resident around the lakes, ponds, creeks and rivers.

The old guy Pyry and youngster Kumu enjoying walking and running on the ice, as snow there isn't that deep. In the forest we have about 60 cm of snow at the moment.

A knife maker always has to post at least one pic with a knife too, right?

During the break Pyry usually comes to lay on the matress if there's one.

Kumu was staying near the fire for a while, but found it still very suspicious with the smoke and all. So he thought it would be better to rest 5 meters away, in a hole dug by reindeers looking for lichen.

This area has had pine marten tracks quite often recently, so I set few traps there. Here's two common ways to set them; on the branches or on the trunk of a fallen tree.

Conibear trap set in a wooden tube. Entrance view, other end is covered with a net, Bait at the back.

Got a pic of a pine marten last autumn while on a hunting trip.

Nice colour combination, snow with yellow and red of the setting sun. Looks cold and pure.

Heading home towards deep blue and purple, opposite view of the sunset.


  1. Hejsan Pasi!
    How are you doing?
    Good to see you blogging as well... Found your link in my statistics.
    I'll keep an eye on your posts and I really like this one, with the snow, the dogs and the marten.

  2. Hejsan Ron! Fine here, hope you're doing well too. I like to read your blog, gives a lot of food for thought.