Friday, January 30, 2015

Lappish knives

Recently I've been working on several Lappish/Saami style knives. Smaller knives could be called Unna niibas, which means a small knife in Saami language. Leuku, a large knife, is called Stuorra niibi.

During this month we've had temperatures changing from 0 to -39 celcius. As my smithy is an unheated shed, I timed blade and handle making to warmer days, and did finer work inside when it was unbearable to work with bare hands outside. It's much nicer to spend  a -35 day skiing, than trying to grind a blade with belt sander. After a cold day or two, it feels like luxury to be sanding in -10 only.

Here are pics of some of those knives. All blades are 80CrV2 carbon steel. All sheaths have a birch wood liner inside for the blade. Handle materials are reindeer antler, curly birch, birch bark, thin reindeer hide spacers.

These knives are sold.

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